About us

Foto: Kari Noer Lilli

Ski og Fjellsport is NTNUI’s subgroup for outdoor activities. Ski og Fjellsport translates as skiing and mountaineering, but we focus on outdoor activities in a broad sense.

Nearly every weekend during the fall and spring semester, we organize a variety of trips. This includes glacier-, hiking-, easy-to-go cabin-, backcountry/ski touring-, climbing-, and a lot of different trips. So, something for everyone! For information on how to join a trip, read the ‘Join’ page.

Foto: Kari Noer Lilli

Regular event

Every other Wednesday we have a social activity. Usually, this takes place at ‘Den Gode Nabo’ or ‘Mormors’. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know people in the group and other outdoor-oriented students.  This autumn we are also starting up with running exercise at Wednesdays. Check out the trip program to see when they are. Another great opportunity is our ‘Bli-kjent tur’ (‘Get to know each other trip’) at the beginning of the fall semester.

The first weekend in November we throw our annual ’10-års’ party. This party is being held at Studenterhytta in Bymarka and includes amongst others a campfire-preparty, sauna, 3-course-dinner


Sponsor contract

We have a sponsor contract with Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr, and as a member of NTNUI Ski og Fjellsport you can get discounts buying equitements there. So get bids and discount offers, you can register to our email-list. You have to show your NTNUI-card to get the discount.