Members of NTNUI can rent avalanche safety gear from us. The avalanche package consists of a beacon (without batteries), snow shovel and probe. Costs are 100,- NOK for a weekend and 50 NOK per day, when renting over a longer period.


We rent out additional equipment (see the list below) to our tripcoordinators and leaders from the study associations. This equipment is not being rented out to individual persons for private use.

To rent equipment, contact our rental responsible Aliaksei Kandratsenka via Facebook HERE or by email:

Our equipment responsible Aliaksei, can meet you every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm. Just contact him to arrange a meeting.


Equipment                                                          Weekend            Long-term rental

Avalanche package
shovel og probe)                                                   100,-                    50,- pr. day

Tent                                                                            200,-                    70,- pr. day

Lavvo                                                                      250,-                    75,- pr. day

Pariserpulk (a sled)                                               100,-                    30,- pr. day


Ice ax                                                                           150,-                      60,- pr. day

Sit Harness                                                              100,-                      30,- pr. day

Ice Screw                                                                     100,-                      30,- pr. day

Glacier Rope                                                               100,-                     30,- pr. day

Chest Harness                                                         50,-                      20,- pr. day

We do not rent other equipments, such as skies, shoes etc.

NTNUI-Boomerang offers rental of equipment for private use, check it out HER.