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Do you hear the call from the norwegian wilderness? Are you dragged towards skiing when you see a snowy mountian? Or are calmed when sitting by a fireplace in a cabin, playing cards and eating delicious food? Well then NTNUI, Ski & Fjellsport is the group for you!

We fill our weekends with hiking and mountaineering, and the group is a easy to get outdoors and meet likeminded people.
We arrange glacier hikes and mountain-trips and we have skitrips! And also, cabin-trips and trips filled with mushroom-picking and cozy times around a campfire, in the woods of Trondheim!!! So many different kinds of trips. Surely, you’ll find one that suits you 🙂

Wedensday, 22th of August, 18.00 o´clock, we welcome you to barbeque with us at Festningen. Here you’ll `have the opportunity to get more information about the group, ask questions, and meet other people 🙂
We have grills, so you can bring BBQ-food and drinks.

See the Facebook event HERE

See you there,
the board.

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